Ellipsis: Is this a real book? Is it coming out…?

I know, I know I said July last year a year ago, but it’s almost there.

I’ve been slacking, yes, me, yes even the he, tha Matcho get’s latho… lathargic.

So here’s the update. I’ve ben so focused and occupied with the heaviness that runs a space for people of colour, and damn isn’t that a heaviness I can’t begin to explain. yt people are sometimes merciless and some people are just wanting to take out trauma on a person that wishes to push through the progress and focus on the main point.

I’ve also been a bit low on self esteem and not wanting to be so self focused. throughout running an event for people of Colour and only being a half person of Colour even though I have lived experience and somewhat speak pieces of dialect to collect an idea of identity I am always attempting to hide out in the background and help others shine. that’s what the platform was designed for, and I as someone more palatable has more privilege, so because of that I think should be throwing myself in the front lines of the battles. with privilege comes responsibility and so forth, but I have also felt the weight of this and I haven’t felt as if I am in a healthy place, so I’ve chosen to focus on what I’ve been wanting to do for a while, what I wanted to do before all this came crashing down on me, and that is to release this book.

I’m getting the help from a few special people in my life.

So I’m putting my deadine for October, I’m hoping to give the thing a final edit this month and get the front cover done with the help of my friend Raissa, I’m getting my partner Gloria to edit it, I’m getting help from one of the most impact friends in my life Chris to help with printing and this will be like my long awaiting love letter to this beautiful city of Adelaide ….

In the meantime, please keep bothering me about this… cause I constantly criticize myself and I have a lot of thoughts such as “No one is going to want to read this” or “Who’s going to want to buy this…”

So please bother me.


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