I feel like we’ve been doing this for millions of years
I was a star lightyears away from here and you were a planet caught in my pull
you’d orbit around me until I could no longer hold the hot flames from within
I exploded
not being able to hold you close enough
knowing that if I pulled you in too close
you’d burn up before we touched
and our love seemed lost for so long.

Until I woke up
I was a hunter in the woods
I heard the leaves crack from behind and I asked “who’s there?!”
You responded “who’s there?”
knowing I was leading you astray
I told you to leave
You left heartbroken and died alone in a deep valley
where I could still hear your echo
your tears turned formed a lake
that I would come and look at everyday with regret
I would sip from the guilt of your tomb
until the day I could not break eye contact with my own reflection
and I decided it would be better to drown in your tears

I came back as a bee, you were a dragonfly.
You would live free and careless
where I would struggle to fit you in between pollen and hive
I would follow you between flower beds,
I would admire your wings more than the petals of sweetness
where I’d create that sweet honey.
But you wouldn’t notice me,
I stung you to get your attention,
the act of it killed both of us,
you died in my arms for the first time
We came back as natives you were apart of the enemy tribe,
I didn’t let that stop me from loving you, loving you was a sin I kept secret,
I’d watch as you’d stare into the clouds and wonder
as if you had a past life galaxies away
I sent you love letters through smoke signals
not knowing if you’d every be able to decipher between the shapes of dust that I’d press into the sky
The chief of my tribe despised you, he sent me to assassinate you, I refused
They exiled me, I sneaked into your teepee, I looked you in the eye and you didn’t remember me,
You screamed and they caught me and judged me for the attempt to execute you.
They pulled apart my body and burnt me, and it was only then that you recognised that my face was like an upside down dreamcatcher
it was too late to stop them and you had nightmares for the rest of that life
But before you died, I came back as a spider,
I tried to repair your dreams by making webs for you every night, holding back the bad memories ,
I was trying to tell you it was alright, I made murals for you everyday, you’d brush through them and not notice me, thinking about me, not realising I was right there with you,
I can still feel the strings that I’d use to connect us, I held the threads of generations between our fates and tied them together between the process of reincarnation, I pulled our destinies so they would intertwine, but they would constantly untangle.
I woke up,
and I was the sea,
you were the breeze you flowed with me
and we lived between each others influence responding to every wave, push and pull,
not knowing when we started this dance
but knowing that you can recognise me this time
not knowing how long we can now be together
but it does feel endless.


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