What is life, but… ?

I can’t believe I didn’t see the cracks through your façade of a smile.
That when you didn’t want to mention what happened when you blanked out and that you’ve been busy studying, and that there’s nothing to worry about.
I see you on the street, and you know I’ve been training hard, and you say you’re keen that one day you’ll come to capoeira and I know you’d be super into it.

A few months ago, you picked me up on the way somewhere on south road, I can’t remember why I was there but you were willing to drop me home.

We talked about what we were doing, if we’d seen any of the others lately, I asked about your accident at the skate park, you said you didn’t remember.
a lot of us had been worried about you but you still kept to yourself, as if nothing was wrong, and maybe nothing was wrong then, maybe you were right but you’re not here anymore….

I remember the last time I saw you, you were with Paul and the other dude that works at coles, I never remember his name, we bumped into each other on the corner of rundle, where people usually journey from Cranker & Roxies to Sugar and Fumo’s. I saw some scaffolding and I asked if you were getting back into training. you said you weren’t I asked if you could still do some laching, I also told you then that you were my favourite Tracuer, that I remembered a time at Point A where we were all focused on this gap between two poles an even balanced horizontal precision between a scaffold, it was just about distance, and I was struggling to figure out if I could make the distance, you swung yourself from where I was, you then leaped your body into the air and landed on to the bar above the one I was aiming for, it was crazy. I didn’t know that was possible, you made the distance with a height incline that was taller than my height.

I gave you a lot of praise, a lot of hype, I saw you really smile, for the last time and it was beautiful. this is how I will always remember you…

Where ever you are brother
I hope you are resting peacefully.
Your presence and character made it easy for me to joke around and laugh

You will be missed
You were loved
I see it now
Beyond Scaffolds and buildings

Swing high my friend.


One response to “What is life, but… ?”

  1. Awe, thank you for sharing… loved it…


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