‘Mini-Stop’ an update

Of recent, I’ve been putting together a collection of journals, recaps and thoughts and combined them with pictures that process a simulation depicting my experience…

I had planned to process a series of entries exhibiting receipts on the fold over of each page to make you think about the journey…

this is what I’ve come up with …



” I’m on a bus, heading back to Manila for the last time…it’s finally quiet, every time I feel us together the noise disrupts me from proceeding to process the confidence I need to project what I feel your ears need, what your mind will appreciate and what you’re soul will feel…”

..She stares at me whilst I recite the struggle I have identifying my homeland, accepting my struggle and understanding the world, she says… “That’s. actually… really. good” I somehow didn’t care what she said I knew deep down without any doubt that she’d appreciate it for what it is, it’s just surreal that it came to the last moment we had together. “


One response to “‘Mini-Stop’ an update”

  1. This reminds me of my love and hate relationship of commuting via EDSA. 🙂


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