It’s her imperfections that affect me so sensually.
Essentially I am sent to places so heavenly.

Stuttering, wondering how to humble down,
knowing her weakness summing myself to ranks in
how to achieve this?

Undeniable trial of seeing her smile,
seeing within her mind but the feelings won’t go viral,
her vision blowing me like chimes,
making me write these rhymes hoping
I can find a way into her heart,
before my time starts to tell me that we are too far apart.

It’s her imperfections that affect me, essentially I find it very sexy thinking about her sensually.

The ideas that set me off is how she’s half blind and able to pull of visual arts that sit and startle the heart of my major tasks.

I’m not able to think about us when I hold her close to me,
not knowing if she’ll ever be,
wondering why she wants to catch up and hang out it blinds me vividly,
got me thinking about similes in order to define us
she’s so divine I rewind till my time stops,
wondering why I can’t get my mind off…
of her…
and how her imperfections could make my life better,
how she’s that perfect answer to all I had questioned,
how I don’t understand life but I get her in an instant,
and yet she got me stitching the fabric of my visions
So that maybe we could both be a reflection in the mirror…
of our souls

wondering whether we’ll be intertwining goals
of romance let’s just let our souls dance
to the beat of our hearts
I don’t need you to hold back,
you know that ain’t hard
why don’t we work at our own kind of art

And I know I ain’t perfect but I’m telling you I’d be worth it
love is something to be learn’t with another beyond the surface

Let me take your hand, so you can give me a chance.
Stand between these beliefs written in the creases of your hand.
Lean between the features that make you see me as I am
and dream within the stream of things that grasp beyond what’s planned


One response to “Imperfections”

  1. Keep creating more of these, I am amazed with how the words were put together when sometimes it is really hard to translate emotions and label them. You are good at showing your soul through these writings. 🙂


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