Matcho Cassidy

I’m multi-creative powerhouse that focuses on spoken word, movement arts, and performing arts. I’ve been performing spoken word for over 7 years and run Soul Lounge Australia with events in Adelaide and Melbourne. I help run and organise grassroots community events and arts events with a focus on uplifting People of Colour. 

My story

I’ve soaked my mind and heart into the art of performing. My poetry can be described as enchanting, dipped in emotion, rhythmical perspectives, surrounding either the topic of love, relationships, loss, hurt or challenging the ideals of society’s superficiality and order. 

I’m a movement artist and a leader within the Krump Community, The longboarding skating community, and the Filipino community. I’m help run and host for The Sabayan: Filipino Youth Creative & Cultural Collective. I also help run The Cultural Collective Lab that showcases the talents of people from diverse backgrounds.

My intention with my creative work is to bring communities together and to empower others to teach ideas, histories, and promote purpose-driven art. 

Get in touch

I mentor emerging artists and writers, run workshops, and create arts events across Australia. I love to collaborate and connect. Please fill out the contact form for opportunities.